Sunday, November 28, 2010

Normal Healthy Rest - Denver

Sometimes words come from un-expected places. Those above have been part of my life for the last few weeks, but not as I have been resting, rather training. What I am learning is that all markets have periods of growth and then rest. Just as man wakes up and stretches and rolls over and goes back to sleep, the real estate market may do that too.

However, there is a sense that we are about to see an amazing period of growth and "work" if you will. There are lots of reasons for this, but as the shopping season is hard upon us for the holidays, my wife confirmed some learning I had gotten....""I bought that at XYZ and it was 20% off the 20% off price". If you were asked today "What would be a good price for that $2400 refrigerator" my guess is you might say 40% off?

How does this relate to real estate in Denver? About a year ago I know of a house that would have sold (closed) for about 450k. Today maybe 400k. I have a client whose home was worth 385 -400k 2 years ago. Today it is listed for 329k.

People get excited about some prices and the fact is every market has normal and healthy rest periods just as we do when we sleep. Then when we wake we go off to work, and things start to grow again. That is what I see the Denver market doing...waking up...ready to grow.

Is it time for you to wake up too? Investment in real estate wise that is?

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