Monday, April 21, 2008

Denver Real Estate Last of 14! GREAT NEWS!

I do not mean to rip anyone off, this is good stuff and well reported:
Daily Real Estate News April 21, 2008
Sacramento Has Deepest Price Cuts.
Spring is traditionally the busiest time of the year for real estate professionals. As the country enters its third year of a real estate slowdown, many are seeing the beginning of a thaw. One reason is that sellers are giving up on boom-time prices and settling for less.

BusinessWeek with the help from Altos Research, a real-time housing research firm, ranked 14 of the country's largest cities based on how much sellers have cut listing prices in the last 12 months.

Listing information for New York City isn’t included, but a recent report suggests that Manhattan prices have climbed 13 percent compared to a year ago.Here are some of the nation's best buying opportunities based on Business Week’s analysis:

Annual asking price change
Sacramento, Calif : -40.96 percent
Phoenix: -25.85 percent
Los Angeles: -25.56 percent
Las Vegas: -23.38 percent
Atlanta: -22.19 percent
San Diego: -20.34 percent
Boston: -15.50 percent
Miami: -13.84 percent
Chicago: -12.34 percent
Seattle: -3.83 percent
Washington, D.C.: -3.53 percent
San Francisco: -3.41 percent
Houston: -2.41 percent
Denver: -0.55 percent
Source: BusinessWeek, Prashant Gopal (04/18/2008)

Add this to my note a week ago that NEW LISTINGS ARE DOWN by over 20% in Metro Denver based upon a 5 year average, then you have to start to think the bottom has hit! IT IS TIME TO GET IN! No one else will tell you this this emphatically. NOW is the time. Call me.

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