Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sellers Agent vs. Buyers Agent

Is agency really that important? Remember the day when football players played both offense & defense?

When playing defense you set up strategies to protect the goal from the other team getting across the line!

The Realtor who acts as your Sellers Agent (a legal term meaning they owe you fiduciary duties) is in charge of setting up that defense. The best Sellers agent will know the ruses and dodges the Buyers Agent will use, because he does them often playing the other direction.

One of the biggest reasons the Listing Agent or Seller's Agent wants to keep the Seller out of the house during showings is to keep the Seller's mouth shut. How often a Seller telegraphs something that costs them money could never be calculated.

Listen to your Broker. Make sure they are your AGENT and responsible to you!

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