Thursday, June 03, 2010

We need to ALWAYS remember June 6th 1945 The Longest Day

Somehow I do not think Memorial Day should ever stop!
We always need to remember those who have given it all so we can do what we do.

In my case, help folks find, negotiate for, and buy or sell a home here in Metro Denver.
Last week I mentioned I had no memory of ever doing a contract on this weekend and especially on Memorial Day itself.

Well I sure "talked that into life". Thursday evening got a call, "we have a contract for you". That one did not come together and the buyer did not feel the seller was flexible enough. I guess they just would not come down to where his expectations were.

Then Friday evening I got another call: "we have a contract for you". This one we did come to agreement on after 2-3 back and forths on Monday and hopefully will be able to close in the month.

Finally got another call "we have a contract for you". And on Memorial Day we were trying to get the Seller and the buyer together, but there was too much separation. And interestingly, the Buyer has used the same tactics before, being reasonable up until time for a counter...they will never buy a home as long as they believe there offer MUST be accepted.

So thank you all, 3 contracts, only one deal, on memorial day weekend!
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