Monday, January 30, 2006

Denver Weather in January

This has been one of my most active January's in years, having either closed or put under contract over $1mm in residential real estate. I would to love to think it is my exceptional marketing, prowess as a negotiator, or good looks, but frankly I think it is the weather!

Yep, that's right, the weather. This next weekend will be slow with the super bowl and all, but the Denver weather has been gorgeous this year. Very dry but gorgeous. Folks do not seem to think that others buy homes in the winter, yet we have new relocations popping up all the time. So, an old retail adage goes like this: "If they can't see the inventory, they won't buy the inventory". And so it is with houses.

And while I can brag about what I have done, what really matters is what your market is like. Some sellers are still very motivated. We just got about 6% off the asking price on one deal. Yet prices tend to spike in the spring. That is because inventory is down in the February and March time frames and so in a macro economic sense, timing is perfect right now to sell. Working with an agent that lists and sells gives you an extra edge as he can see both sides of the transaction and "get in the other guys head". Never go un-represented. That is a gun without bullets. Call and we can talk.

Timing is right next to location in real estate!

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