Friday, January 20, 2006

52000 Licensees?

It is true according to a recent story by Realty Times that there are now over 52000 real estate licenses in Colorado! That is up over 24% from 2004! Amazing! Those of us in the business are constantly reminded of the "NEW BUSINESS MODEL" all these young lions will bring to the industry, yet the truth is that no matter what their great ideas and plans, 95% of the new licenses will not renew at the end of their first year. And tomorrow it will still be true that 10% of the Realtors (R),not just license holders, will be involved in over 90% of the residential real estate transactions.

The national statistics are even more humbling...over 2.5 million licenses and just half of them are Realtors(R), members of the National Association of Realtors who subscribe and by membership agree to support the NAR Code of Ethics and Professional standards. SO while everyone has a choice who represents them in their real estate transaction, uncle Charlie or a seasoned professional, no one should go un-represented. It is like going to a gun fight at the OK corral with only 3 bullets in the gun! When it looks easy, somebody is doing their job well!

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