Sunday, September 26, 2010

Residential, Industrial, Retail, Farm & Ranch?

This morning I was considering Doctors and how they have specialties, oncology, internal medicine, etc... I would not want an anesthesiologist prescribing what I need for my eyes?

I guess it is the same in Real Estate and yet different. The basics of buying and selling real property is the same. People have to want to buy and people want to sell. The seller needs to grant, convey, let, etc etc. to the buyer. However getting to the deed is really the issue.

With residential, we use allot of experts to determine the "condition" of the property. Home inspectors, radon testers, septic pumpers, well flow tests, electricians, sewer scopers, and more I am sure I have forgotten.

In Farm and Ranch it is similar, yet different too. Is there a farm "dump"? Are all abandonned wells properly plugged and the same approved by the state engineer? How about the boundry corners...are they well documented? How are the fence lines? And right of ways are all recorded or are they just verbal license agreements?

Industrial might conotate EPA studies.
Office Leasing have CAM expenses.
Retail have TI issues and utilities.

One of the reasons I do not "operate on" industrial, or business brokerage, or a number of other real estate specialties is because I, just like my GP, do not know all the specifics required by each set of circumstances. But I do know when you do need someone else to give you advice. And that is the point...whoever you deal with you need to have the faith that they will tell you when you need a better provider.

I can tell you I am pretty good at residential real estate as well as land and horse property sales. Real estate has so many facets, one needs to be confident in their abilities. Call me if you want a "consult" about your situation.

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