Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cyberstars MEET in Phoenix

Why in the world does a Realtor go to an out of town conference? The below post is from my Buddy IRA SERKES and it could answer that question.

I’m excited to be seeing my Allen Hainge CyberStar friends – some of the smartest, nicest, and generous Realtors I know
by Ira Serkes on January 9, 2010
I’ve been an
Allen Hainge CyberStar for at least 10 years, and recall when a bunch of us were at a Tech Meeting in snowy Santa Fe, when the idea of an annual meeting first came along.
About a half dozen of us were there with me – Pete Doty, Judy Mc Cutchin, Wynne Achatz, Alice Held (I’m sure I left someone out) and I’ve attended every annual meeting but one (it was in Orlando; I’ve done Orlando one time too many)
Who are the CyberStars?
The tech savvy real estate agents that I learn from – the ones I can ask questions of and get lots of wise answers from, the ones I can talk about some cool thing I’m doing, and learn that someone has an even better spin on them.
There are only 200 members, with CyberStars in United States, Canada, Bahamas … and even Australia.
I even found a long lost brother, Alan Mah. No matter that Alan is Chinese and grew up in Singapore. When I walked up to him 5 years ago (it was after the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 and a company he was involved with donated a desalinization plant to provide fresh water) I said “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time” and he said “Me too, me too”
Since then Alan and his family with dozens of other CyberStar members, have travelled to Alaska for a week-long cruise, and Asia together … adventures I’d never have had if I’d not been invited to be a CyberStar, and honored to be CyberStar Of The Year one year.
So, this is a post of thanks to Allen Hainge (aka Bubba), who created an amazing group of people.
Thanks Bubba!
Ira … who can’t wait to tell you about the wonderful
CyberProfessionals Group when I head out to our semi-annual meeting later this spring.

AND I Have to add another THANKS BUBBA to Allen.
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