Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hunkered DOWN? An "AH-HA" moment

Now More Than Ever - I need Your Help.
An "AH-HA" moment...
I had one the other day when I realized my friend Tom from Leads Club needed to meet Denver area “BUILDING MANAGERS”. I made some introductions and he got 2 plumbing jobs the 1st day. Since the words "Building Managers" rang in my head there have been 3 more jobs.

Robert had one when his attorney told him “Pete knows more about the foreclosure process than I do”. Robert had introduced me to the attorney who was to help him in his foreclosure. We got his house sold fast and got him the equity he had earned over 10 years.

Frankly, it seems that a lot of folks have “HUNKERED DOWN” and decided that moving across Denver now is not a good idea. And they are assuming everyone else feels the same way.
Yet there are folks who need to move. They just need to sell their house. They may have gotten laid off or been transferred to another work location, or they just have too many kids in a 2 bedroom apartment. I really need this kind of introduction now more than ever. There just are not as many of these opportunities as have been in the past. SO please give me a call when you learn of someone who could use my services.

Sometimes these AH-HA moments pop up in conversations or across a crowded networking event. Or in a quiet conversation over coffee, at the neighborhood BBQ, or at a soccer game. Yet invariably they all result in the receiving person being aware of the other person’s needs, and that my skill sets could help them solve a problem they are sharing. Just so you know a great intro to me is "Pete has been a FULL TIME Colorado Real Estate Broker for over 24 years. I will have him call you." Then, please call me with their name and number. Thanks.

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