Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Colorado REAL ESTATE Bubble has never popped!

USA today has published a map that shows Colorado to be ready for an economic expansion. Even the metro areas (with the exception of Colorado Springs) should be in a growth phase by the end of the year. Most folks think our Denver Real Estate market is in the tank, yet the story shows Denver ready to expand.

The story also places a fair amount of cause and effect on the over-inflated housing prices (can you say "real estate bubble"). Denver and the suburbs certainly never experienced a drastic run up in values that would create a precipitous drop. So your Highlands Ranch Home is probably worth about what you paid for it a few years ago, if not more.

The explanation for this mapping is held in this paragraph in the story
"That's mainly because a marked contraction in housing is leading the overall economy down this time. Housing had been instrumental in boosting many regions, particularly the Southwest, in recent years. "

Here is the link to the full story:

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