Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can Madonna make you a good Real Estate deal?

Probably not, but she is an excellent business woman.
And she really knows how to market the commodity of Madonna.
Would you trust her to be a effective Realtor?
The truth is you need to trust your Realtor.
Why would you choose one you don't trust?
Some folks view the real estate business as business of commodities and yet it is a business of experiences, knowledge of tactics in negotiating, neighborhoods, covenants, title, prices and personalities.
If you approach buying or selling a home the same way as a commodity, you can only be disappointed. Let me share an experience (bear with me).

Years ago I hire a guy to buy me a car. I trusted him and he got me a good deal, but it looked easy so when it was time to trade, I walked into the dealership and made a great deal...until I looked at the hourly rate, then the finance guy got to me, then the closer and delviery guy got to me. I was a duck! They got me. So, next time I needed to buy a car I went back to the car broker, happily paid him his minimal fee, and saved about 8 hours of my time. Plus he arranged the financing, got me my plates and insurance cards, and when the title and plates did not show up, extended the temporary tags with no additional fees. He created value for me. And he made it look seamless and easy. In fact his first purchase made it look so easy, I thought I could do it myself! YEAH!

So, back to do you find a Realtor you trust? Check references (ask for them), read testimonials (here are ours, and see if the agent publishes his standards and mission statement (

When you are willing to do the homework, house hunting and buying are a joy, they are fast and informative, and the level of experience you get from the inspector, the decorators, the loan officers, that populate the team of a good Realtor will be a source of knowledge you will not personally get any place else.

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