Thursday, January 17, 2008

An e-mail response RE DENVER

Sorry to hear that. Somebody did not sell the idea of Denver?
How's this for a sales job? I LOVE DENVER! Been here since 1978.
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Morrison...gorgeous small town with many addresses claiming "Morrison" (closest post office box). Close to the mountains so no panoramic mountain views.As you consider getting close to the hills there is some geology you need to consider. Take a look at a pamphet item 2 I wrote years ago at :

Large yard...1/4 acre to some...20 acres to others. We have a 1/4 acre backing up to open space in Highlands Ranch (covenants!)with a panoramic view. Love it Nice thing about our comute downtown is it is north sun in our eyes. 45 minutes at rush hour. And we can go up light rail or the other large transportation cooridors. I have clients in Morrison and they find the commute to be "challenging!!!" Another consideration with a large yard is the water required to keep it isn't cheap. Fortunately it is only for a couple of months in the summer. We are semi arid which means we have bright blue skies and clear crisp air. Except when we get a smog alert.

Yes we do have smog...the City sits in the Platte River Valley which runs SW to NE. The prevailing winds are SW NE. The folks in North Platte Nebraska know more about our smog than we do. So one is better suited to find higher ground to the south or west of the Hogback, such as Evergreen.

Of course DOWNTOWN Denver is the "cultural hub and the orchestra etc are down there. There are many local gigs too, but that would be the primary venue. Your employment I would be talking to Craig hospital etc located at US 285 & Broadway approx.

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