Monday, April 16, 2007

How's Your Year?

How’s Your Year Going?
I have been worried about you & your business.
Is your business OK?

What a blessed way to walk into church last weekend! A past client pulled me aside and asked these questions with the heart of God clearly displayed and I was touched. But more than that, I realized I have not told any of you how business has been. We have been blessed in a multiple of ways and business, in spite of what you have heard, is good!

In 2006 we matched a good year in 2005 in terms of net revenue. And that was largely because I was watching trends, saw the market going into a real dip and managed to cut some costs. 2007 looks very promising in that we had a very successful 1st quarter due to our internet presence. I will estimate we will match the last 2 years plus some but we still need your referrals and business to do that.

Our main website has been in the top 10 on Google when searching for “Highlands Ranch Colorado Real Estate” for the first 3 months of the year.
It is all over Google for the other towns in metro Denver and we continue to get good out of town leads for buyers moving here. And the real scary part is I am the webmaster on this site. I have some great coaches.

I just returned from speaking at the Western Slope Realtor Rally on April 13 on Capturing Web Leads. This is an honor and I have some very strong, counter industry, convictions on this process. If you have some experience here I would love to do a lunch to share what I know as well.

Another blessing occurred, and this one without my desires. As you know I have been a Metro Broker® since 1988. In 2001 I moved my operation and not too long after that I was asked to become a full fledged Metro Broker office which I would own. That is the best positive spin I can put on that event, so we will leave it there. In any event, I now rent office space to other Metro Broker companies as well as at home brokers and so that should create good positive cash flow. However, I had until May of 2007 to get a minimum of 6 brokers and associates. In January we had a 66% growth spurt and are now at 7 and are actively interviewing other Brokers and Associates to join us. So while all this does not pay 100% of the bills, we have an amazing potential and will be putting up a lit outdoor sign God and HRCA willing. And if you know of other real estate brokers who might want to join us, I think it is a special place to be.

The single thing that has been sitting and waiting for this fleshing out of the industry, and re-establishing a strong business base after the re-trenching I had to do in 2006, has been my Land for Churches project. This is still there on my heart and hanging on the wall. It is a program where the LFC organization can receive charitable donations and with those proceeds acquire Land for Churches to give them a building site. Someday, in His time, this will come to be.

The greatest blessing has been Elaine, who after 5 years is still with me. She, and her dog Panther, have started to complete sentences for me! I would truly be lost with out her (she can keep the dog!).

Thank you all for your prayers and concerns. We are doing well, but will always have time to help you, your friends, or anyone who mentions your name. Whenever you hear someone mentioning a move, please hand them a card of ours and give us a call with their name and number.

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