Friday, February 16, 2007

No gun at a gunfight?

In the past I have said "Going out to buy a home without a Buyer's Agent is like going to a gunfight with no bullets in your gun!" Well, we had a friend from another real estate market report this conversation with a past builder's on-site sales person. I thought it was so important, I asked for permission to share it. She asked that I not even disclose the market area. Here is her e-mail:

I had a sales rep from one of the national builders in my office yesterday.
I told him about the investor who contacted me to sell the model homes he
had purchased the year before (not with me as the selling agent).and thanked
him for the referral but that I couldn't help him with the values he
I SO wish I had had this discussion on tape to send to the public:
"Well, yes, I'm sure he wanted to be able to make some money on those!
(lol) But, hey, basically my job was just to sell the homes for the
company, and move them off of our inventory. I would never recommend anyone
buy a model, they are so truth, I really kind of screwed him
in that respect, but that wasn't my job to make him money l later. My job
was to sell those homes for the company."
Doesn't that just REALLY sum it up when the public walks into a builder's
office and expects to get a great deal not using their own broker?

So, does this also fit with the new home buyer who walks into a sales office without a Buyer's Agent? You bet. If you want representation, but have not made all the contacts with me or your Realtor of choice make sure to announce your intent to include a Buyer's Agent from the outset to the builder's rep: "I AM WORKING WITH ....... AS MY BUYER's Agent. Here is his/her card. And BTW I am not signing in. You can call my Buyer's Agent and get my details from them". And then call us!!!! A Buyer's Agent can advise you about how good a deal you are really getting. But without one you will never know until you go to sell and are faced with the investor's challenge above. Food for thought I hope.

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