Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I recently published a new series of pages on my website that are found by going to and they are designed to help the person whose home failed to sell or who is thinking of selling, or remodeling their home. There are weekly e-mail tips on how to get ready to sell, what color paint not to use, how to improve the exterior appearance, why pre-inspections are important, electrical issues, asbestos, insulation, how much you could expect to receive for a total kitchen remodel when you sell, etc.

The e-mail tips are designed to help you focus on a single job of upgrading for a week, evaluate the time and costs to complete the job, and then to develop your own list of items that need to be done.

The first tip is on the first page: Lose the bold colors! We had a seller who had red and green on her main floor and the house simply would not sell. It is hard to tell someone their colors simply are too bright and bold, but NONE of the 50 odd buyers liked it enough to make an offer. I hate to use the "back in the day" but when we had a slow market in the early 1990's the first thing we would do to a house is "neutralize it". All walls became APACHE white. All trim came back to either white or wood. They were very "vanilla" homes, but sure as heck, they sold.

My wife had an orange wall (she called it "peach"). When my office of brokers toured it they said "lose the orange wall". It sold a few weeks after we painted the wall. Simply put, your tastes, as good as they might be, simply will not match every buyer that walks in. We have enough problems with them liking the floorplan, why would you shoo them out the door with your colors?

If you would like weekly tips on getting your house ready to sell, go to and sign up by clicking the weekly tips button. If your home did not sell because you could not get enough from the sale proceeds, these are some low cost to no cost tips. And they are free.

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