Monday, May 08, 2006


Not that I can see but:
There was an article last week in the Rocky Mountain News that stated that Denver has the highest number of listings ever. You can read it here:

When you are reporting statistical information you have to be careful how you handle it.
The article referenced missed 2 important facts...

"Ghost Listings"-those reported in two market areas and appearing as 2 listings account for approximately 5097/28949 as of 5/8/06; a valid marketing tool where properties might be on the border of two or more geographic market areas as defined by Metrolist.

New Homes Listed by builders approximately 1630/28949 as of 5/8/06...these are new homes never lived in before and not "resales".

It appears that there are about 23,852 actual single family and condo/townhome property listings in the Denver market as of this date (05/08/06). Almost a 25% error off what was reported.

Even more interesting was the article on the "news" about the appreciation in the Railyards. I do not think we can have both an appreciating market and a Buyer's market.

A final item that would be an interesting statistical query; How many listings are fixed up from a sale within the last 6 months? I may do that one of these months.

I would define Buyers Market as well over 120 days on the market for the average listing, and the seller receiving 95% of asking price or less. Right now that number is closer to 98% at least personally. Statistically, these are very hard numbers to access, because of the way the MLS stats are developed, and reported.

So ultimately the article should have headlined:
Home Listing Data Inflated by 25%.

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