Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Once again, the news reports support the previous posts I have made, however, the lack of comment from the Home Builders Association is troubling, at least to me. Last year at this time we were starting to see reports from the HBA that permits were up over 25% from the year before. Where has that inventory gone? How much of it was actually built. I believe this report creates a lack luster image of Denver's overall market where it is not really so.

Last year we saw a 25% increase in permits I knew we would have more re-sale properties on the market at the end of this year. It only follows, provide supply in one area of a market, demand goes there if prices are comparable. The builders provide incentives to the Buyer as well that a re-sale cannot. So is it really a SO-SO market? according to,1299,DRMN_414_4186667,00.html
it is, but not according to this broker.

We are still blessed with positive growth and if you look at the true sales barometer, "TOTAL UNITS (new & used) SOLD the numbers would provide a much clearer picture of the economic real estate health in Denver. Even the economists say we are still trending up at 3-5%.

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