Monday, January 24, 2005

Highlands Ranch Colorado Real Estate

From a broker's perspective the real estate market in 2004 was a good one in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The interesting thing is there are currently fewer than 500 homes for sale in Highlands Ranch. And yet the press will tell us the market is down. And there is a pressure downwards on prices. Which is a perfect time to Buy a home!

We work as much as buyers agents as we do as listing agents for the seller and we find the buyers do have an attitude about the market that says "We get a deal or we don't buy!" This can create a real dis-connect for the seller when entering the negotiation process.

In 2004 we had more properties sell in metro Denver than ever before, and since early last year, we have had fewer "new" listings of single family homes every month than the year before, signalling the change in the market where the prices are due to start climbing again. All this while we are absorbing a fairly high foreclosure inventory, something we have not seen since the late 1980s in the Highlands Ranch Real Estate market.

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