Thursday, August 26, 2010

Being organized helps

From my friend Julie Gram at Naturally Organized some ideas that can help make life smoother, as well as when you are making a move across Denver or the country:


Put "like with like" - that way you know what you have, how much you have, & when you may need replacements.

Purge: clothes, files, unwanted items in your home & office. Disposing of things you no longer wear, don't like, are broken or outdated will make room for lovely new replacements. Out with the old - in with the new.

Donate your discards to your favorite charity or church - consider it compassionate recycling & a tax deduction!

Sort & hang items in your closet by type: blouses, skirts, dresses... Colorize your wardrobe by going from light colors to dark ones so you can easily see & choose the item(s) you want to wear. Think of how a store displays their clothing.

Store things where they make the most sense to find & put away. If you put things in an illogical location (master closet has books, photos, kids toys, etc.), you will have a difficult time remembering where they are & where they belong. Define your closets & storage areas by what makes the most sense to put there.

Things should be convenient to locate & use. Ex: in a home office you should have the necessary tools & files nearby to do your work. Keeping supplies & files in other locations causes confusion, stress, wasted time, & you forget what you have.

Replace publications with updated versions to avoid an avalanche of paper - catalogs, magazines, investment prospectus, etc.

Instead of keeping an entire magazine for one or two articles, cut out the desired article & toss the magazine. Start a binder using sheet protectors & index dividers to catalog these articles for future reference.

Good layout of a room or office is very important for convenience & functionality as well as aesthetic reasons. If the rooms "feels" good & "works", you do too!

When overwhelmed with clutter - get help! A professional organizer can get the job done in a short period of time, & teach you great organizational skills. In the long run you will save money & a tremendous amount of time because you can find what you're looking for at a moment's notice & know where to put it when done!

You can contact Julie at 303-799-8032 or visit her These practical tips are just the beginning and I recommend anyone who fights clutter in their lives to give her a call for a initial consultation. I have clients who utilize the talents of professional organizers every 3-4 months just for the housekeeping aspects and keeping an orderly home.

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