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Why Highlands Ranch? Guest BLOG

This from coach Shana Hubert:
Someone asked me an interesting question recently; Why do you love Highlands Ranch? In that moment, I began to realize that what seems like such an obvious choice to me is not in and of itself always so obvious to others.

I had no idea what a quest that question would set me on, but when I started thinking about how exactly to explain my answer, I realized there was so much about it for me that I couldn’t put a finger on it. It is not explainable, or factual, or something you can list in an MLS listing. It is just what this community is.

There are many things in one’s life, business, family and community that are that way. I found out that Highlands Ranch was one of those things to me. I absolutely love my community, but when asked to put it into words, it was very difficult to do. I went looking for an explanation and started talking to my family and friends, many of whom also call this community their home. What I received in answers was so much more than I could have ever explained. No matter what backgrounds and family styles you may come from, there are many reasons to call Highlands Ranch home.

The “stuff” is a logical place to start and really it is what most people immediately start discussing in terms of reasons to settle here. Whether single or married with kids, young or old, Highlands Ranch really does offer a lot to do and take advantage of. Where else do you pay a minimal fee to access your pick of four of the best recreation facilities around. They offer fantastic pools whether for adult or child, great workout facilities, racquetball, tennis, programs, tracks, etc. I could go on and on. However in a time when most of us our pinching our pennies anyway, what better way to spend some quality time than to grab your rec. center card and for no more money out of pocket, really go enjoy some time on the court or in the pool as a family.

Many other amenities topped the list of “stuff”. If you don’t feel like spending your time in the gym, what about taking advantage of the miles of open space and trails or taking a walk up to the Town Center. Speaking of the Town Center, the addition of this community gem has brought new life to Highlands Ranch. From enjoying a cocktail with friends, partaking in one of the many annual festivals with the family, becoming a local vegetable connoisseur at the farmers market, or just having a convenient place to get the basics- the Town Center offers something for everyone. Watching it all come together with the amphitheater, park, common areas, and the even more recent addition of some fantastic stores (yes I am a Target fan), it has been amazing to see the design and precision they have had in mind for our beautiful community.

Let’s not forget that there are also many other community shops and conveniences throughout. The design has been splendidly done to make this a living breathing sustainable place to live, without a lot of travel involved. When you look at everything that has gone into, and still continues to go into the community there are a lot of things that you can put a name on and associate a value to in order to explain what makes Highlands Ranch a great place to live.

So let’s pretend for a moment that you didn’t have all the stuff? Why Highlands Ranch then? I will not fib, I am a person who appreciates convenience and certainly can appreciate what this community has strived to offer its residents, but what if you take away the stuff? What else does Highlands Ranch have to offer? Highlands Ranch is one place where, I am convinced, we have a population of caring, civic and community minded people.

I can only truly speak for myself, but I believe at the heart of this community lies people who are looking to make the community better and they are looking for ways to improve the lives of their families and those around them. My bet is on the fact that the “community” would still come. We would find ways to create events and togetherness, we would find ways to enjoy the outdoors and make it a part of our everyday lives and we would certainly still create ways to make this one of the best places to live. So why Highlands Ranch?

Where else can I step out on my deck to such a brilliant view of the Rocky Mountains and still enjoy the many conveniences we take for granted every day? Where else do I get the small town feel that I enjoy when visiting a Hometown Holiday celebration and afterwards I can drive 30 minutes to some of the best theatre performances offered in our nation? Where else offers the kind of entertainment that we can go enjoy without pulling out hard earned money at every turn? Where else can you go to a gourmet restaurant on one side of the street and swing by Super Target on the way home, because “Oh shoot, I forgot to pick up cereal for breakfast and socks for the kids.”? And finally, where else can you go on a walk on Saturday morning and run into your neighbors and the kids, grandma and grandpa out for a stroll, a marathoner running with their dog, and end up at Starbucks with a hometown sports hero enjoying some family time as well?

Highlands Ranch is partially explained by the opportunities and the things that we get to take advantage of every day, and partially unexplainable by the everyday actions of those within our community and the “feel” you get when you walk down the street. So next time someone asks you why Highlands Ranch and you search within for the best way to say it, a simple reply of “because it’s Highlands Ranch,” may suffice just fine!

I work throughout the Denver community (of course including Highlands Ranch!) as Business Growth advisor with OneCoach. My professional goal is to bring value to our clients by assisting business owners in attracting new clients, increasing their revenue, and help them to focus in on the goals they started their business to begin with. My family and I happily live and play in Highlands Ranch.

Shara Hubert
OneCoach of South Denver

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