Friday, October 23, 2009

Furnace Service Guest Blog

Tom D'Agostino is a new friend in my life who has made an amazing offer to my friends and clients. He has run large heating, air conditioning and plumbing companies and when you shake his hand you know he is a craftsman. Now as the service manager for Kimmel Mechanical, he has made a great offer to those in the Denver area that need their furnace checked out and cleaned up. He can of course get you that new one that qualifies for the energy tax credits too. Here is what he has to say about furnace maintenance and the offer is below that

Although it is easy to put off, performing a routine maintenance on your heating system prior to the winter months is as important as changing the oil in your car. Without the maintenance, your furnace runs a higher risk of needing a costly repair later on.
Hiring a professional technician to come in and clean your furnace, change the filter and ensure it is functioning properly means that you can avoid a middle of the night emergency call when it is below freezing. A furnace that is too dirty can also cost you more money throughout the winter, because it will use more gas and drive your Xcel bill higher and higher. Homeowners who maintain their furnace regularly also have a better chance of lengthening the life of their furnace.
A regular maintenance should include a filter change and a thorough furnace cleaning. Technicians may also recommend additional repairs to prevent issues in the coming months. Scheduling maintenance during the months of October and November is a good idea, because heating contractors have more time before the severe cold weather hits.
The cost of the maintenance is typically well worth avoiding serious issues in the future, and they also ensure that you will not have to live without heat during the coldest times of the year when heating contractors are the busiest with emergencies.

Kimmel Service is offering a $75.00 fall special that will tune-up your furnace. This service will include the following:
Clean flower motor and wheel. Vacuum any debris that has accumulated.
Check gas pressure to the furnace and make adjustments to meet standard operating pressures.
Perform combustion analysis on the flu gas leaving the furnace. Adjust fuel and air mixture so the unit runs as efficiently as it can, reducing over firing and under firing of the furnace.
Check for any CO leaks on the furnace.
Write up any deficiencies that you have noticed. Price up any work that needs to be done.
The above work could increase the efficiency by up to 25% and reduce your utility bill significantly.

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