Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Denver is a Seller's Market!

Last month I did a rudimentary search of homes under contract and active in the south end of Denver including most suburbs. The saying REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL is so true. I did the same search this month but increased the scope a bit...adding another price range. So this month I have 2 sets of numbers for each geographic area of town:

Area active/u/c = month's supply
Aurora South 514/378=1.4
Denver Northwest* 168/66=2.5 (not really south);
Denver Southeast 179/79=2.2
Denver Southwest 325/176=1.85
Douglas County Parker Elbert County 154/90=1.7
Douglas County Castle Rock West 205/73=2.8
Douglas County Highlands Ranch Lone Tree 67/55=1.2
Jefferson County South 123/105=1.2
South Suburban Central 206/103=2.0
South Suburban East 56/17=3.3

250.1k -350k
active/u/c = month's supply

Aurora South 225/52=4.3
Denver Northwest* 138/41=3.3 (not really south);
Denver Southeast 266/77=3.4
Denver Southwest 69/16=4.3
Douglas County Parker Elbert County 270/89=3.0
Douglas County Castle Rock West 232/61=3.8
Douglas County Highlands Ranch Lone Tree 230/106=2.2
Jefferson County South 178/47=3.8
South Suburban Central 129/30=4.3
South Suburban East 151/38=4.0

Once I did the above I started totaling the numbers, just to see how they looked and compared to the MLS download for the same areas. Here is the MLS numbers 1843/1141=1.6 months and for the higher price range 1659/536=3.1 months.

What does all this prattle tell you? Supply is being reduced at a good rate so houses are selling FAST, if you are in the right price range. That means demand is up! Yet things still have not trickled up to the slightly higher price points as yet, so bargains can be had, if you get it done BEFORE the press tells you about it. So hurry and get your home on the market. And hurry to get a good deal. South Denver is a great place to buy right now.

Also note some of these areas do not support lower price points, or higher price points. That is why ALL REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL. Make sure to visit with a "local expert" before buying or selling your home in metro Denver. It would be my pleasure to visit with you.

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