Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Love me, and you should too!

In the real estate industry we are always being asked for information. Most of the time we Realtors “think” we are giving you what you want when we send a relocation booklet or other property information when in fact we are sending as much “I love me & you Should Too” material as anything else. We even have the National Association of Realtors (NAR) do studies on what people want, and where they go to find it. And they do that every year and there really are some good statistics there. Allot of their surveys are about technology, and humorously enough the only people they ask are those that have e-mail and are willing to respond to a survey about e-mail? Even this request will be slanted towards those of you who read a blog.

Yet the real people I want to impress and have conversations with are not other Realtors, and are not even my current client list, but rather those who are currently thinking about buying or selling a home. So I am looking for some real information here.

So what traits do you look for in a Realtor to sell your home?
How would you choose a Buyer’s Agent?
Where do you go to find information on a town you may be moving to?
What kinds of information do you want provided in the above?
Do you want a Realtor to do your loan too?

While we seem competitive as Realtors we are cooperative. In other words we may compete to gain your business, but we will cooperate with other agents to get your home sold. Therefore, I honestly am seeking your advice so as to become more competitive and to earn your business. So the last question is, How can I earn your personal business?

Your responses to would be greatly appreciated.

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